Some 8088 Portable Love

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Re: Some 8088 Portable Love

Postby xjas » 2017-11-30 @ 20:41

x_86 wrote:The first picture is a little blinding because the brightness was too high, otherwise the monitor displays perfectly.

But that green phosphor bloom is downright tasty.
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Re: Some 8088 Portable Love

Postby Ozzuneoj » 2017-12-01 @ 06:53

Amazing little computer!

Strange that it reports an 8Mhz V20, yet the benchmark shows it being the same as a 4.77Mhz 8088.
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Re: Some 8088 Portable Love

Postby Jo22 » 2017-12-01 @ 10:35

Errius wrote:You can plug CGA cards into TVs with RCA inputs right? You may be able to get color out of this thing.

Good idea, I hope x_86 is able to! :) Though I noticed that several computers with on-board CGA have got a monochrome composite video-out only (aka BAS, VBS, etc).
Don't know exactly why, though. Guess it had to do with providing a better image quality on green monitors or for international support.
Back in time, video monitors in Europe, Australia and China didn't support NTSC colour-encoding but were otherwise able to display 60Hz
via the old b/w standard (required adjustment of v/h-hold knobs).
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Re: Some 8088 Portable Love

Postby Scali » 2017-12-01 @ 11:16

Ozzuneoj wrote:Strange that it reports an 8Mhz V20, yet the benchmark shows it being the same as a 4.77Mhz 8088.

Well, I don't know about V20s, but perhaps it is possible to detect the speed rating of them in some way.
So it might detect that the CPU is rated for 8 MHz, even though it is running at 4.77 MHz (perhaps the machine can run at 8 MHz if you find out how to enable its turbo mode?).
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Re: Some 8088 Portable Love

Postby matze79 » 2017-12-04 @ 17:43

oh nice, i saw this one also in a Military Grade Version, some Years ago.. at a Military Store @ Germany.
Pretty rare Machine.
i wish i had one too :) - The German Retro DOS PC Community
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