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I'm in love.

Decided to postpone my 939Dual-SATA2 build and go for the first socket 754 I laid my hands on in my pile of parts.
This is the beauty:


And this is the CPU:

I know it's nothing special, but the CPU should run fairly cool and should be decent enough for Window 98 and the A3D games I'm planning to try on this build.
It will probably get Athlon 64 at some point if I'm not bored by it by then.

What surprised on the board is the caps. Nice mix of Panasonic FJ for the VRM, Sanyo WX (the green ones). There are some UCC KZG series in the VRM as well, these might be dodgy but they are still intact. I'll leave them alone for now.

I'm set on the case as well, it will be in an Antec SX830.
Not sure what video card I'll use. It'll probably be just like with the MB. Whatever decent comes my way. The Radeon R3x0 would be something I'd like to try out. Never had one back in the day.

The post is mostly motivational. I'm hoping not to lose interest by keeping the thread updated as the build comes together.