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Retrobox Projects

Postby hellaDretro » 2019-6-10 @ 21:48

I built each machine to house a genuine 3DFx Graphics Accelerator, Most of the components I had collected over the years and are era specific except for the CPU, Motherboard (purchased from Ebay) & Hard Drives. The CPUs are way overspec for the Graphic Accelerators but I wanted them to have maximum performance headroom.There is one final one to be built at a later date due to me moving to another town and being in the process of getting my finances and job situation straightened out. Id like to thank Phils Computer lab for the imformation and inspiration to start these projects.

"RetroBox 1.0"; Slot A 800mhz AMD Athlon Classic, Compaq "Irongate" chipset motherboard, 160MB PC133 CAS2, A Matrox G400 Max AGP & 2x 3DFx Voodoo2 12MB in SLI, Creative Sound Blaster 128, 120GB Western Digial Hard Drive, HP DVD Burner, Teac CD-burner, Teac 1.44mb floppy drive, plus a NIC and USB2.0 card. The case is an unknow model Antec midtower, running Windows 98SE. (Also has DOSBox because it doubles as a DOS gaming machine for games that run too fast in MS-DOS mode)

"RetroBox 2.0"; 1200mhz Pentium III "Tualatin" (exact model unknown), ECS Socket 370 Motherboard, 256MB PC133 CAS2, 3DFx Banshee 8MB AGP w/factory fan , Creative Sound Blaster Live, 120GB Western Digial Hard Drive, (No floppy), Teac DVD-ROM, plus a NIC and USB2.0 card. The case is a (unknown model) Antec midtower, running Windows 98SE

"RetroBox 3.0"; AMD Athlon XP 1700+ (1.53GHz), (exact model unknown) Socket A Motherboard, 512MB DDR400 CAS2, 3DFx Voodoo3 2000 16MB AGP (OCed to 3000 speeds) w/added custom fan, On-board Realtek w/EAX emulation, 120GB Western Digial Hard Drive, (No floppy), Teac DVD-ROM, plus a NIC and USB2.0 card. The case is a (unknown model) coolermaster midtower, running Windows 2000 SP4

I kick myself for passing up a (Free but i thought was too far gone from sitting in a garage for 10+ years) Voodoo5 5000 64MB PCI that would have been great for the following project but i decided to give my current prefered GPU manufacturer a nod in it enstead;

"RetroBox Ultra" planned setup; AMD Athlon II 170u 2GHz, (exact make unknown) Socket AM2+ A780 chipset Motherboard, 512MB DDR2-800, eVGA Nvidia Geforce 6800GT 256MB PCI-E, Creative Sound Blaster PCI, (Unique SSD setup listed later), (No floppy), Lite-On DVD-ROM, The case will be a "DIYPC" minitower, dual booting Windows 98SE/Windows XP professional using swappable NFS01 2.5" SSDs. (Will be running nGlide 3DFx Glide/Nvidia wrapper driver and DosBox)

And finnaly Retrobox 1.0 - 3.0 planned upgrades include equal capacity SSD swaps and 1.0 and 2.0 will have memory upgrades to a max of 512MB
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Re: Retrobox Projects

Postby SpectriaForce » 2019-6-11 @ 17:12

Photos please!
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