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Well, I've transferred my Slot 1 system into this case and I am really enjoying it. The Supermicro board is rock solid. I'm going to test it at 133 MHz (it has a hidden BIOS setting for that) to see if it works better than P3B-F and after that I can go one of three ways:

- get a Slot 1 at 1GHz, which I've wanted for a really long time. 133 MHz chips are a lot easier to find than 100 MHz.
- get a Slot-T adapter and use my 1400-S. It's a nice chip and I don't want to mod it.
- get a more common Slotket and find a Socket 370 1GHz Coppermine. Better yet, a 1100 one.

I've also realised that I don't need a faster card and Voodoo 5 pretty much covers everything I want to play. The only noisy part in my system now is the PSU fan which for some reason likes to occasionally kick in. I'm not sure if it somehow reacts to increases in power load but I think I'll eventually get a brand new PSU just to protect my hardware.

Better yet, I've gotten a lot more comfortable with DOS mode in Win98 and managing hardware conflicts, so I don't really need a dedicated DOS machine anymore for GUS and other ISA sound cards. So the Slot 1 ended up being my "ultimate" DOS/Win9x machine and so far everything works beautifully. I've already played through Unreal 🤣

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Nice build! I´m suprised you have so many problems with your system. My build is actually quite similar to yours: Abit ST6 mobo (i815EP) with 512 Mb SDRAM and a P3 800EB cpu. No problems what so ever, only it took like three separate iterations of formatting and installing every program before it was stable. I can´t pinpoint your builds main problems but here´s what I did for my third trial in this order:
1. Updated my BIOS to its latest version.
2. Formatted my SD-card and installed Win98SE
3. Chipset drivers, which I downloaded from here: https://www.philscomputerlab.com/intel-chipset-drivers.html#. I went with the latest,
4. Drivers for my GeForce 2 GTS (version 8.05) and soundcard.
5. KernelX, I´ve read somewhere that this should be installed before USP3
6. Then our beloved but mysterious unofficial service pack 3.64, I kept this installation very minimal: main updates/system core files, DirectX 9, performance tweaks, zip folders and some cosmetic stuff, like WinME themes. Of course, I´d love to use this SP to its full potential but it needs some extensive testing.

Maybe you have already tried all this but if you haven´t, give it a shot. Good luck!

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Hey there TS,

I would definitely recommend trying the following:

1. Install 2.80.008 Intel chipset drivers
2. Try different PCI slots for SB Live!

I had the same issue and was able to fix it. Good luck.

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jheronimus wrote on 2019-08-06, 20:06:

As it is, it can run almost all games I want, but I'd like to be able to run any Quake 3-based game (Jedi Outcast, Call of Duty, etc) at 1600x1200@60FPS. Technically a GeForce 4 Ti4200 or Ti4600 would still be period correct (Pentium 3@1.4 GHz was released in 2002) while Ti4600 would probably already be CPU-bottlenecked.

I had a Ti4600 back then and I actually don't remember it completely maxing out CoD at 60fps at 1024x768 but I was also a kid who didn't know what all the settings meant so the issue might have been something like V-Sync or anti-aliasing.