Dell Precision M50 Mobile Workstation

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Dell Precision M50 Mobile Workstation

Postby Zack_H » 2019-8-14 @ 05:15

This is a machine I finally found that I had been trying to find for awhile:





This is the Dell Precision M50. One of the very best laptops of its time (2002 and 2003).

The specs of this machine are:

2.0GHz Pentium 4M

Nvidia Quadro 4 700GoGL graphics (they really are amazing for this machine)

512MB of RAM (plan on upgrading to 2GB)

80GB hard drive

This machine is identical to the Dell Inspiron 8200 and Latitude C840, with the main difference being the Nvidia Quadro workstation graphics. This machine also came with Dell's "UltraSharp" display as a standard feature (these displays have better color-contrast than a lot of new LCDs I've seen).

This machine is great for everything. Half-Life plays smooth as butter on it :happy: Its excellent screen (1600 x 1200 resolution) makes it good for things like Photoshop as well. This machine was made for things like 3D graphics design and such. This was a serious machine for a serious task. Very expensive too; around $3,100 at the time of its release.

I've currently got a Windows 2000/XP dual-boot on it. It runs both very well.

Just figured I'd share this awesome machine!
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