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Hello all,

I have been a keen visitor of the Marvin forum of VOGONS for more than 3 years now, and today is the day where I finally make an account, so that I can give a bit information about my main "retro" PC that I've been using for more than a year...

It's a 10 years old Dell Inspiron 546 that I got off of my father for free last June; I realised that this computer had Windows Vista installed on it...and decided to "fix" it by giving it an "upgrade" to the trusty Windows XP!

The only upgrades that have been made to this machine are a hard drive upgrade (??? GB to 1TB) and a GPU upgrade (Radeon HD 4350 1GB to Radeon HD 6670 GDDR5 1GB) - I noticed that the HD 4350 wasn't quite up to snuff as I thought it would be when I tried CoD 4: MW even at 1024x768 with the settings all cranked up. The 6670 on the other hand...woaaah. 1080p goodness all around!!

This rig of mine is mostly used for titles from 2001 to mid 2011, although I do play the occasional 1996 to 2000 games every now and then. Most games run great at 1080p on maximum settings, although some games such as Metro 2033 and Crysis Warhead require a resolution decrease to 720p (this is my default "fallback" resolution if maximum settings fail to perform well enough at 1080p, could try other resolutions one day!) as they seem to suffer at 1080p.

Anyways, enough with the chit-chat, here are the specs:
OS: Windows XP Pro SP3 x86
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ 2.7GHz
GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6670 1GB GDDR5
RAM: 8GB DDR2 800MHz (only 3.25GB usable for XP 32-bit)
M/B: Dell DRS780M02 (uses AMD 780 chipset)
HDD: Western Digital Green 1TB 5400RPM
DVD: External LiteOn eTAU108-02 2
PSU: Evo Labs "pentium p4" 400W
Audio: VIA HD Audio/GPU HDMI Audio
Monitor: 2013 Samsung 32" HDTV

3DMark scores:
2001SE: 31835
03: 33478
05: 13987
06: 9346
Aquamark3: 104,042

If there is anything else that you feel that I haven't mentioned that you would like to know about, please feel free to ask!

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chinny22 wrote:

Decent enough start, we always like pics here though 😀

Ah yes, I was posting this before heading off to bed, I didn't think about taking a picture...here is a picture of the machine in all of its 2009 glory:

(Clicking on the image should rotate the image properly, note to self: consider taking pictures in landscape more often when using an iPhone as a camera 😵)


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