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xjas wrote on 2020-03-21, 10:08:

Love this build! The new decals look great.

Did you use 'sticky' photo paper then, or something else?

I used high gloss sticker photo paper, I had some doubts and I was printing with a Canon MX922 at home. However with my day job, finding a real printing facility that could die cut and everything meant traveling out to one in a business/industrial park that's usually open when I'd be at work. With COVID-19 coming and being couped up at home soon I was like 'Fuck it, let's Amazon some materials and at least try. It'll be a thing to do at least'.

In the end I was REALLY impressed with the result. My hand cutting of the graphics with a knife is not 100% but I think that I could later redo them using a consumer plotter and get far better results.

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Reminds me of what's currently left from my IBM Netvista 6578.
Threw the i815E board away, replaced the PSU with a ghetto-adapted TFX-format FSP/Sparkle 250W PSU and currently left the case empty.

Would it be worth installing a FM2 Athlon X4? Or should I simply settle on a FM1 setup similar to this (except with only one DIMM slot working) and Windows 8.1?

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