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omgfoz wrote on 2021-02-18, 14:11:
Tetrium wrote on 2021-02-18, 07:33:
Ah, the Asus A7V. In a way it's A7V133's little brother :P I worked with these boards as well, though to a bit lesser extent tha […]
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Ah, the Asus A7V. In a way it's A7V133's little brother 😜
I worked with these boards as well, though to a bit lesser extent than the A7V133, mostly because the max 100MHz FSB makes it much more limited but otherwise these boards seemed to work perfectly fine once we got the odd quirks ironed out.

Personally I wouldn't install XP on this machine. Sure it will work, but something like ME will probably work much better.

I would definitely check the condition of that PSU (but remember that it's not totally risk free if you have no idea what you are doing).
These boards are made for use with PSUs with beefier 5v lines, but the Thunderbird 1000MHz consumes less power than a 1400MHz one. Still more powerhungry than a Tualatin 1400. Btw, the part number (A1000AMT3B) denotes this is a 100MHz FSB part. 133MHz FSB parts would end with a C instead of the B. These CPUs can be unlocked using the pencil trick (google it if you're interested) but had some issues with multipliers above 12x or something (I don't remember the details anymore but I do remember that the pencil trick worked for me during testing). If you really wanted to, you could use the freed up multiplier to lower the multiplier to, say, 8x, netting 800MHz and reducing power consumption even further that way.

Thank you for the information! In the last two months I've collected almost everything I need to properly set up this rig. The only thing I'm missing is a desk to set it up on. Once I have it all set up I'll post new pics and the updated specs (a few small upgrades were made).

yw 😀

As I ended up with way more rigs than I have space to set up for, I ended up using 1 space and having a stack of tower cases (or 2 stacks 🤣) which I would switch the cables around if I wanted to switch rigs. I did make use of extension cables to save some wear and tear of the rig's port connections.

Whats missing in your collections?
My retro rigs (old topic)
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So here are a few latest pictures of the battle station. It's a little cobbled together but it's almost ready to be formatted and have windows 98se installed on it.

The monitor is a Gateway EV910 for those curious.

I purchased a Radeon AIW 9800 to install but it arrived with a broken cap (and thus, a full refund). My electrical engineer father-in-law is repairing it for me so I can install it.

Also the power strip is temporary. I bought this one on ebay but the faceplate was broken in transit. I have an identical replacement in storage in my family's cabin 250 miles away. Once I get a monitor riser I'll put that one in use.

Last thing I want to do is get a new case. Any recommendations? I want to retain the drives I currently have and also want to appear fairly period correct.


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