ATI 9600 Glide Wrapper?

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ATI 9600 Glide Wrapper?

Postby Unregistered » 2003-7-24 @ 01:23

IS there a wrapper to enable glide ifor ATI9600?
I dumped a Nvidia card and the old wrapper doesnt work.
Glide is checked in RB3D but the textures are blocky.

Postby Glidos » 2003-7-24 @ 07:36

In what way blocky?
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Postby Schadenfreude » 2003-8-18 @ 08:50

OpenGlide should work.

Also, try Zeckensack's, which is optimized more for modern video cards:

But you won't get support from us if you use Zeckensack's instead of OpenGlide. :)
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Postby Slice » 2003-8-28 @ 10:55

Use Openglide v009 RC5 from SourceForge.

Read the info included in the zip.

for Red Baron 3D make sure you unzip the openglide file to the redbaron3d folder, then edit the opneglide.ini file and limit texture memory to 4.

Also make sure in preferences in the graphics options set model textures to "custom".

Good forum to ask questions:
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