Aiming for a release

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Aiming for a release

Postby Glidos » 2003-4-22 @ 21:03

Hi Fabio (if you are out there),

Just before you got busy, you were looking to release a final v009. Back around that time, I tried out the most up to date version from CVS, found a few problems, and didn't have time to look into it. Now, I've had another look, and there were only two little problems, which I've fixed.

Do you think I should release a 009rc5, and ask for some testing to be done.

Also, do you mind if I get rid of the binary files we are holding in CVS (like the .ncb file). As far as I know, these only serve to cache info that is in other files, and keep unimportant stuff like which target you last built, and what layout of windows you like.
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