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So, I've read the oldcrows article on the so called 'blue ridge' roms, looked at the schematics for the battery backed ram etc. But does anyone know what they changed in the rom?

The blueridge rom says 'thanks to mark tsuruta' who was roland usa ceo at one point.. rather than the 1.07 text..

Some of the code looks shifted a bit from the 1.07 rom but all the instrument data seems to be the same. So I wonder if the code change was basically not to reset the ram on bootup or something... whatever change appears to be very minor.

I've read somewhere it was supposed to reduce noise but the schematics provided only battery back the ram.. which have no affect on noise reduction. There was another mod that added a trimmer to the dac, but that is never mentioned in conjunction with the blue ridge roms and would not require them either...

so.. does anyone know the detailed changes to the rom?

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The Topic is old but since there is no other info I can now add that Blue Ridge introduces one bug that 1.07 has not ...

It Crashes the MT32 when you play Wing Commander 1 and 2 at random points inside a mission when it gets stressfull.

I have wrote a long text about that in the Sounds section 😀