Voices being drowned out

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Voices being drowned out

Postby Red_Machine » 2017-8-18 @ 15:58

I just installed Munt, using the 1.07 MT-32 ROM, and am attempting to use it to play MIDI files with Windows Media Player. I'm finding that the majority of the voices are too quiet, and one is too loud, drowing out the rest. I've attached an example in MP3 format, along with the original MIDI file.
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Re: Voices being drowned out

Postby sherman » 2017-8-20 @ 11:25


Descent 2 music is not a good choice for trying out MUNT. As far as I know, D2 was composed for General MIDI, not MT-32, so will not sound correct when played using MUNT.

For music to sound "correct" with MUNT, it needs to be composed for the MT-32 (and variants). Sierra Online and Lucas Arts games from the late 80's - early 90's are games I can think of off the top of my head which had good MT-32 support. MT-32 was basically abandoned by the mid 90's, which was the era that Descent 2 was released.
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