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Volume Knob Repair

Postby Tempest » 2017-12-15 @ 21:06

Last night while playing with my MT-32 I noticed the volume knob seemed sticky so I took it off and sprayed some contact cleaner on the stem, but when I wen t to push it back in the stem pushed INTO the system! Opening up the MT-32 I noticed that the little volume board had come dislodged from the front of the case. It appears to be held in place by four little arms, which I tried to bend back into place. The board is now back to where it should be, but it doesn't seem 100% solid and when I turn the knob the volume generally goes from 3 to 98 instantly, but I can get it back down to 50-60 if I play with it a little (it likes to slowly creep up though). While I can live with this, is there any good way to fix it?
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