Roland MT-32 Hardware Hacks for Sound Improvement and Battery Backup

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Roland MT-32 Hardware Hacks for Sound Improvement and Battery Backup

Postby bjwil1991 » 2017-12-15 @ 21:56

Has anyone heard about Hardware Hacks for the Roland MT-32 (old) for Sound Quality Improvements, as well as a CR2032 battery for backups? ... nd-quality

And according to Wikipedia, I found a statement about the modification:

In the period of 1989 to 1993, Robin Whittle of Real World Interfaces[8] offered aftermarket modifications to the MT-32 to address its sound quality issues, as well as improve the functionality of the reverberation unit, provide discrete analog outputs for the internal reverb send and reverb return, and provide battery backup of the MT-32's settings.

According to documentation written in 1990, these modifications were only available for the first-generation MT-32, and not the later "headphone" model or any of the other MT-32 derivatives.

Note that the RWI modifications were intended for those using the MT-32 professionally, and may cause some minor compatibility issues with video game soundtracks intended for a stock MT-32. In particular the changes to the reverb unit functionality will likely cause an RWI modified MT-32 to render reverberation differently from what was intended, with possibly detrimental effects.

Source: ... y_solution
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Re: Roland MT-32 Hardware Hacks for Sound Improvement and Battery Backup

Postby Spikey » 2017-12-26 @ 06:41

Yeah, I still haven't unboxed it, but I found not so long ago a D-110 with the Real World mod. Never heard many RWI synths but they are apparently great.

I contacted Robin a couple years ago and he was talking about doing some work again, he may have changed his mind since. Will have to chase it up sometime, he is in Australia and I am back here now also (was in the US when I contacted him last).
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