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Hello everyone!

Not sure which subforum this needs to go to, so I'm going to post here and hope that someone here can help me.

I've been a fan of DOSbox for years, and up until recently I have used various soundfonts for both playing MIDI music I've made in the past as well as enriching the music in the various DOS games I have.

Well, recently my processor died, so I had to get a new one with an accompanying motherboard. The new processor is only supported by Windows 10, so I was forced to upgrade my OS as well (had been using Windows 7).

While reinstalling my DOS games, I also reinstalled the BASS MIDI driver, but realized that it wasn't working for playing MIDI music in Windows 10; still sounded like the classic GS Wavetable Synth. So I downloaded VirtualMIDISynth, and I was able to load soundfonts with that okay, and my MID's are using the soundfonts I setup through there.

But DOSbox is a completely different story. No matter what I do, I cannot for the life of me get any of my DOS games to use my custom soundfonts. They all are 'stuck' on using the default GS Wavetable Synth. I've installed the Coolsoft MIDIMapper to see if that would help, but still nothing.
I even modified my .conf files for several games and set the 'device=' under [midi] to "none", but GS Wavetable Synth still keeps playing!

I feel like I'm either completely overlooking something simple, or that I have an actual issue, and I'm not sure which I'm dealing with.
Any help on this would be GREATLY appreciated. Any ideas?