Can Munt be installed to Windows, but the MT-32 screen info...

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Can Munt be installed to Windows, but the MT-32 screen info...

Postby DOSNoob » 2018-3-17 @ 12:25

I've no knowledge of such things, so I would to ask some people in the know.

I know Munt can be installed to Windows on either a PC / Tablet. I've read about Munt being installed on to Raspberry Pis and the like - though from what I understand, Pis don't always keep up, they freeze.

I'm wondering... Can Munt be installed on to Windows, but then have the MT-32 info sent across to a Pi Zero W through Bluetooth/wifi, with a display - so you got the same kind of a display like a real MT-32, but have the raw power of the Windows device, processing the actual MIDI? I realise one could just look at the info on the Munt program, but I can of like the idea of a small screen, just sat just behind my keyboard, or on top of an Amiga / Atari ST.

Or has the whole Pi (And the like devices) got so good now that it doesn't freeze like I've read? So kind of makes the idea a little mute? Also, would the newer Pi 3B+ really make any difference?

Even so, I don't know enough about Linux or electronics, unless it's step by step guide.
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