Can Munt be installed to Windows, but the MT-32 screen info...

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Can Munt be installed to Windows, but the MT-32 screen info...

Postby DOSNoob » 2018-3-17 @ 12:25

I've no knowledge of such things, so I would to ask some people in the know.

I know Munt can be installed to Windows on either a PC / Tablet. I've read about Munt being installed on to Raspberry Pis and the like - though from what I understand, Pis don't always keep up, they freeze.

I'm wondering... Can Munt be installed on to Windows, but then have the MT-32 info sent across to a Pi Zero W through Bluetooth/wifi, with a display - so you got the same kind of a display like a real MT-32, but have the raw power of the Windows device, processing the actual MIDI? I realise one could just look at the info on the Munt program, but I can of like the idea of a small screen, just sat just behind my keyboard, or on top of an Amiga / Atari ST.

Or has the whole Pi (And the like devices) got so good now that it doesn't freeze like I've read? So kind of makes the idea a little mute? Also, would the newer Pi 3B+ really make any difference?

Even so, I don't know enough about Linux or electronics, unless it's step by step guide.
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Re: Can Munt be installed to Windows, but the MT-32 screen info...

Postby Jo22 » 2018-6-24 @ 04:25

I wonder the same. Back in time (when 98SE was around), people liked the idea of connecting a LCD display to the parallel port.
For instance. I know that Winamp and some CPU-throttling programs did support them.
Technology of these days was limited to simple matrix displays, of course. Not fancy OLED or 320x240 graphics displays.
Just some simple one or two line devices as found on a ticket vending machine for the tram or a telephone cell of the 90s.
You know, these black on "pea-soup" green looking displays.
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