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I am actually succesfully emulating Roland-Mt32 with help of Munt in Dosbox. It works just fine in other games.

Albion (Blue Byte)... no music. Or oddly enough there are some occasional drums played where full music is supposed to be - and music volume adjusting has no effect on the volume of drums.
I've searched internets and one dude asked about this problem with Albion Roland MT-32 over at reddit... and got no answer.

Did actually anyone manage to get it work? What's the culprit?

On a side note, I found a mention on DosBox compatibility boards that emulated GUS works for Albion. However I got no luck as the device could not be initialized in setsound. Not sure what setup is required there, I have

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Thank you.

As I've stumbled upon this https://github.com/M-HT/SR/releases/tag/albion_v1.6.1 which allows to play Albion natively in Windows and also offers various MIDI playback options:
"The game's MIDI music can be played using one of following libraries:
NativeWindows, WildMIDI, BASSMIDI, ADLMIDI, SDL_mixer

NativeWindows - it plays MIDI music using native Windows functions
ADLMIDI is the default library, others can be selected in the configuration file.
ADLMIDI and NativeWindows don't require additional files for MIDI playback,
WildMIDI requires GUS patches for MIDI playback,
BASSMIDI requires a soundfont for MIDI playback,
ADLMIDI uses OPL3 emulator for MIDI playback."

...and NativeWindows actually sounds markably better than OPL3 does so I was wondering how to utilize MIDI output which I love most - Roland MT-32 - in DosBox which is much more preferrable option for me due to numerous reasons. Selecting General Midi for music doesn't deliver any music either.

Is there any other easily emulated way within DosBox to have better than OPL3 MIDI output in Albion?

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How are you changing the settings in DOSBox to switch from MT-32 to the GM synth built into Windows? In official source it's a matter of changing the midiconfig= setting to the right ID as shown by the MIXER /LISTMIDI command; but unofficial builds may differ.

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I don't.

Dumb me. I did not realize also General MIDI plays through Munt if DosBox is set to that midiconfig id. Well this is the first time I actually need to have non-default dosbox.conf for a game.

Thank you for speedy and valuable answers.