Games that uses the CM-32L specific sound effects

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I think games by Revolution Software: Lure of the Temptress and Beneath a Steel Sky utilizes the CM-32L specific sound effects.
I have real MT-32 and I was not able to force my MT-32 to play correct sound effects in Lure of The Temptress and Beneath a Steel Sky.
Wrong effects noticed by me in Lure of The Temptress:
burning fire - very strange sound effect,
streaming water - very noisy sound, and more ...
I slow down my computer to make sure all sysex were transmitted without problems but that do not helps.
I think Revolution used CM-32L (with enchanced sound effects) for develpment of their games and because of that they didn't prepare sysex for real MT-32 to obtain correct sound effects on this module.
Could anyone confirm my suspicions ?

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In Lure of the Temptress there is also a background sound of rain and wind with thunderstorms 😉 Actually this game is a masterpiece for LAPC-I/CM-32L.

But what exact problems have you noticed with Beneath a Steel Sky? I remember i have checked it a bit and didn't noticed anything wrong. (I wasn't checking very hard though 😉 )

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Playing BASS with my MT-32 causes some strange sound FX but music is OK.
Strange FX noticed in BASS:
heli crash in intro - rather a piano sound than "boom" sound,
press sound in factory (first room) - sounds rather strange for me,
opening fire door in factory - another weird sound,
whistling wind outside, behind fire door - its like wind but with some percussion sound (should be better I think).
I think it's similar to Lure of the Temptress, some FX are OK but some require CM-32L. 😉

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The only problem with CM-32L is that nobody can provide the file with ROM memory. Someone who uses CM-32L could dump content of ROM chip module to computer as a file. I think that author of MT-32 emulator could make CM-32L without problem if someone send him CM-32L ROM file. MT-32 and CM-32L uses the same LA technology.The only differences are more memory and samples in CM-32L.

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Here is a list of the sound effects contained in the CM-32L/LAPC-I that are missing in MT-32. These effects are assigned to MIDI channel 10.

Note number / Sound Effects
108 Bubble
107 Stream
106 Waves
105 Wind
104 Thunder
103 Rain
102 Birds
101 Horse
100 Dog
99 Explosion
98 Lasergun
97 Machinegun
96 Pistol
95 Starship
94 Helicopter
93 Jet
92 Train
91 Siren
90 Crash
89 Car-pass
88 Car-stop
87 Engine
86 Windchime
85 Scratch
84 Door
83 Cleaking
82 Applause
81 Footsteps 1
80 Footsteps 2
79 Heartbeat
78 punch
77 Screaming
76 Laughing

Some like helicopter, door, wind, crash, etc. are used in games developed by Revolution Software.
I think there are more games by other companies that are using these FX.
If you notice any please report it here ... 😀

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I downloaded the cvs dosbox with mt32 support. But although I changed Midi to mt32 in dosbox.conf I got wrong instruments when I tested it with Indy4 and MI2. I don't have problems when I use the old Dosbox version from canadacow or SCUMMVM.
Any comments??

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The Dosbox window shows these informations:

Config: Loading settings from config file dosbox.conf
MT32: Set sample rate to 22050
MT32: Loading Control ROM
MT32: Loading PCM ROM
MT32: Initialising PCM Unit
MT32: Initialising Patches
MT32: Detected and using SIMD (Intel SSE) extensions
MIDI: Opened device:mt32

Would be great if you can help me.

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soviet conscript wrote:

Bump to old thread but I have yet to find a definitive or even half definitive list of games that take advantage of the extra cm-32L sounds.

There is a decent list on Wikipedia. In my MT-32 video I show a few games such as Elite and Ultima Underworld.

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On two tracks of Leisure Suit Larry 5: Passionate Patty Does a Little Undercover work uses "76 Laughing" sound which makes those two songs really cute =3
There might be others too that play through the game I haven't heard while I played.
Look through my old posts, I have the FLAC complete soundtrack of LSL5

Reply 15 of 84, by ThunderPeel2001

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I've just discovered that certain games are missing these CM-32L sound effects (eg. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, Day of the Tentacle). How could support be added? I'm a web developer, and have some development skills -- not amazing, though. I wouldn't mind trying to help make this a reality.

Here's an example of a CM unit only sound effect in DOTT:

First MT-32 (no sound effect):

Now a CM unit -- note the bird tweets:

You can hear more examples of different sound effects in different games here: https://youtu.be/OLvsaJ4h-VY?t=2h19m23s

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Lucas seem to have used the CM-32L or LAPC-I in most of their games. In Monkey Island 2 you get richer / fuller sound effects with the CM unit.

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Reply 18 of 84, by Dominus

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Hm, doesn't ScummVM support the CM32 Rom files the same as most other implementations of Munt? To test just replace the mt32 roms with cm32 ones.
If not install Munt driver GUI and make ScummVM use that 😉

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