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I'm trying to profit from both hardware worlds: using my Roland MT-32 and my newly acquired joysticks.


-Use a Gravis Gamepad Pro with MT-32 in Zeliard
-Use an Advanced Gravis Joystick with MT-32 in Wing Commander 1 & 2

Here's my gear:

-486 DX/2 66 IBM Valuepoint (upgraded CPU)
-Sound Blaster 16 ct-2940
-Serdashop's DB15 to MIDI small PCB
-Roland MT-32
-Advanced Gravis Joystick, Advanced Gravis Joystick Pro and Gravis Gamepad pro (this one with a doubling DB15 connector)
-SoftMPU to replace needing a hardware MPU unit
-No other gameports in some kind of serial+parallel+gameport back slot combo thing

https://content.screencast.com/users/Mu0n729/ … R_Recording.png

The Serdashop interface works brilliantly at this killer price, but of course, ties up the only joystick port I have on this machine. Using the Gravis Gamepad Pro Y-connector makes both Roland Mt-32 and gamepad not work in Zeliard (I know there are several pinout configurations depending on how you want to decouple a stick + throttle, or use a simple 2-axis joystick with MIDI, etc).

Is there a ready made solution for this I can purchase and forget while I wait for it to get here, or do I need to whip out a breadboard with jump wires to make a working connection with what I have?