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Sierra was the champion of the MT-32, yet, something seems off with the MT-32 option in Phantasmagoria.

Mainly, the opening portion of the chants is practically inaudible - if you really crank up the volume, it sounds almost like a whisper or a wind sound. Maybe that's how it's supposed to be? The rest of the composition seems fine, but I am not so sure.

The weird part comes in if I use Roland Sound Canvas VA (I set it to SC-55 Map). It sounds exactly the same if I use General Midi or MT-32 options. It makes me think that the MT-32 option is broken as these two options don't sound identical on other games in SCVA (nor should I expect it to). Master of Orion is another game where the Roland MT-32 option sounded terrible on MT-32, but sounded correct on Sound Canvas VA.

I believe the game itself was composed using an SC-55, so using SCVA is the closest thing I will get to the "as intended" sound without using real hardware; but I find it generally curious that the MT-32 option for this game works perfectly on SCVA as well.

I am not expecting the MT-32 version to be superior to the Sound Canvas version at all, I am just wondering if this game has an error with the MT-32 option out of the box. It wouldn't be the first time a game needed an MT-32 patch to fix utilizing the hardware. 😀

I have used both SCUMMVM to force MT-32 Mode and in DOSBox when setting to MT-32 in the Install options and the results are the same.