Serial port woes

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Serial port woes

Postby Serializer » 2018-2-12 @ 10:08

I'm using Win 7 64-bit and trying to using PROMlink software under DOSBox to get it to talk to an old Data I/O 29B EPROM programmer. Unfortunately with no luck.

I'll first say that the EPROM programmer, software and serial cable are all fine (as proved by using them successfully with a creaky old PC running Windows XP (which is being retired)).

The Win 7 PC has an inbuilt serial port on the ASUS M4A88TD motherboard. It's recognized as COM1 by Windows 7 (and from the Windows DOS prompt).

I've configured the dosbox-074.conf correctly with the serial port info

However, when I fire up the PROMlink program it starts up but on attempting to contact the EPROM programmer it states that it cannot contact it.

PROMlink is is set up correctly for the serial port.

Any ideas please? Thanks
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