Mapping diagonal directions?

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Mapping diagonal directions?

Postby tinpanalley » 2018-4-15 @ 20:56

I'm playing Tony La Russa Baseball (and other games) and when using the keyboard, you can run in an angle on the field using 1, 3, 7, and 9 on the number pad. How do I use mapping of my Logitech F710 or X360 controllers to map diagonal directions? It seems I can only map up down left and right but no angles.
Also, for further info, the Logitech F710 can be X-input and D-input with a switch. So I only use it on X-input and use the 360 controller for D-input gaming.

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Re: Mapping diagonal directions?

Postby JemyM » 2018-8-26 @ 07:43

I second this.

I would like to map keys to my right thumbstick for Dark Castle without the need of using the games internal joystick support. But I can only map x/y -/+ which becomes 4 directions. I need 8.
Okay, now roll sanity.
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