Strange window behavior when setting aspect ratio

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Strange window behavior when setting aspect ratio

Postby jdgalt1 » 2018-5-20 @ 20:12

I recently got a large (4800x2400) monitor and have discovered some strange behavior.

The first thing I discovered was that setting aspect=true has no effect unless I also set output=overlay, but at least that is in the config docs. So far so good. This has a bad side effect -- some games' sound suffers badly when it's doing a lot of drawing (and setting cpu=max doesn't do anything to fix it) -- but I can live without the sound.

But (with windowresolution=original) I was getting a very small window (probably 640x480 pixels). So I set windowresolution=1280x960. While this works as far as it goes, it has a major unwanted side effect -- changing to full-screen is now irreversible. Alt-Enter still turns on full-screen mode but, when typed again, won't turn it off. Please fix.

I'm running 64-bit Linux on a 2.4 GHz AMD Athlon with 64 GB of RAM.
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