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https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Zg5gLCE6Rq8 … al0Wv3SxuC01NbP
A small change to the dosbox configuration is needed to run it.

memsize = 34 #for linux alone there can be 8

core = dynamic
cputype = pentium_slow #It can also be 386_slow, 486_slow

Can be run with a framebuffer.
In the linux.bat file add vga=788, and after startup in the shell:
export SDL_VIDEODRIVER=fbcon

I also tested the version under X, it works. The old XFree-3 with S3 driver is much more efficient than SVGAlib or the very slow VESA framebuffer. Unfortunately, the mouse does not work under it, and it also takes valuable 8MB.
If someone wants to modify the content.
Mount image content, copy, modify and create a new one. For example.

mount -t cramfs -o loop dosbox.cfs  /tmp/oldimage
cd /tmp/oldimage
cp -a . /tmp/newimage
cd ..
mkfs.cramfs /tmp/newimage /tmp/cramfs.image
umount /tmp/oldimage

Or using ext2.

dd if=/dev/zero of=initrd bs=12288k count=1
mkfs.ext2 -F -m0 initrd
mount -t ext2 -o loop initrd /tmp/initrd
mount -t cramfs -o loop dosbox.cfs /tmp/oldimage
cd /tmp/oldimage
cp -a . /tmp/initrd
cd ..
umount /tmp/oldimage && umount /tmp/initrd
gzip -9 initrd

modify linux.bat
ramdisk_size=12288K initrd=initrd.gz

Busybox downloaded from here. Unmodified. Source package here.
SDL hg
e3 AsmEditor