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Re: DOSBox Game Launcher (DOSBox Frontend)

Postby Neville » 2017-10-11 @ 14:11

Cool! Thanks for keeping up the good work.
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Re: DOSBox Game Launcher (DOSBox Frontend)

Postby rcblanke » 2017-10-25 @ 11:11

Hi all,

I've just released 0.82, no changes since the last build, enjoy!

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Re: DOSBox Game Launcher (DOSBox Frontend)

Postby jtalbot » 2017-11-11 @ 11:05

First off great software. I had to reinstall from scratch and am running into a huge issue. New Java,.82 release of dbgl, I added about 5k games and around there now when I open the software it crashes. I see that Java Binary stops responding and I can only restart the application again. I had this running fine from my USB drive earlier but now it no longer will work once I start adding lots and lots of games.

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Re: DOSBox Game Launcher (DOSBox Frontend)

Postby azrael4h » 2017-11-12 @ 22:22

I have an odd problem specific to two games, but not most.

The games in question are Secret Agent by Apogee, and Wizardry 6 by Sir Tech. They will load, however, irrespective of what options I select in DBGL, they will not run the actual game in a window other than the default tiny size. Both have a text mode window that loads first, which is in the larger window size. Secret Agent just says 'Decompressing graphics files" while Wizardry 6 just flashes. Those windows close, and a new tiny one opens with the game after.

DOSBox.conf has a forced scaler2x, 1280x960 windowed resolution, and when loading the games directly through the exe, they load the game windows correctly, in the larger resolution. Only when loading the games through DBGL do they not load the correct resolution for the game window.

DBGL is .82, DOSBox is .74, running in Linux Mint 18.2. All other games will load flawlessly through DBGL, at least that I've tested. These are the only two that I have that seem to load a second window with the actual game after initializing the graphics. I have tested every scaler in the options list, as well as opengl, openglnb, and overlay for the renderer. Checking the option to force scaling has no impact, as does aspect correcting or double buffering.

It's strange, as it should, even if the profile settings in DBGL were lost on the creation of the new window, use the default dosbox.conf settings, which it doesn't.

*EDIT* After testing, setting Secret Agent to svga_s3, CPU to auto, and window resolution to original, it finally forced scaling on it. This is different from every other game, where I just set a window resolution and am done, but that's fine. Leaving this up in case others have the same issue.
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