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Reply 1440 of 1447, by Rencer

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Today when I updated my system (Manjaro Linux) using yaourt command in terminal, I saw that there is this new version (dbgl 0.90-2).
But it can not be compiled.
When it validating source files, the 'dbgl.sh" fails, and gives an "One or more files did not pass the validity check!" error.

Update: No more errors, it's working fine now.

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Reply 1441 of 1447, by willow

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Ihave one question.
In dbgl option, there is an option to indicate rom directory fot mt32 rom.
I don't know that I must write in this part.
I have tried to indicate the path but error.
Anbody can help me?

Reply 1443 of 1447, by dbgl-user

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Neville wrote on 2019-12-25, 22:12:

I never used that option. Just put the MT-32 roms in DOSROOT and you'll be OK.

wished it was that easy.

i still run an ancient 2014 daum dosbox version, mt32 (dosroot) is fine.

now, to jump on a newer train, i had a look at what actual versions incl. the mt32 patch.

i picked up a 64bit build from here: https://code.launchpad.net/~i30817/+archive/u … /dosbox-patched

all dependencies are correctly installed for this dosbox version.


mpu401              = intelligent
mididevice = mt32
midiconfig =
mt32.romdir = ../dosroot
mt32.reverse.stereo = false
mt32.verbose = false
mt32.thread = false
mt32.chunk = 16
mt32.prebuffer = 32
mt32.partials = 32
mt32.dac = auto
mt32.analog = 2
mt32.reverb.mode = auto
mt32.reverb.time = 5
mt32.reverb.level = 3
mt32.rate = 44100
mt32.src.quality = 2
mt32.niceampramp = true

./dosbox in terminal:

DOSBox version SVN
Copyright 2002-2019 DOSBox Team, published under GNU GPL.
CONFIG: Loading primary settings from config file dosbox.conf
MIXER: Got different values from SDL: freq 44100, blocksize 512
MIDI: Opened device:mt32

starting a game in dbgl 0.90 via the new dosbox version, i can hear no music playback at all.

what am i missing?

again, daum is working properly.

Reply 1444 of 1447, by Neville

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I have a really stupid question... let's say many of my profiles (but not all) have a link named the same way and there's a typo. Can I change it on all its instances with a single step?

And no, I'm not asking this feature to be added to DBGL. Chances of people making the same mistake as I did are close to zero.

Reply 1445 of 1447, by rcblanke

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Neville, I think the easiest way to do this is to close DBGL, and make a backup of DBGL's "db" folder. Then, load db/database.script into your favourite text editor and search/replace the string that you would like to correct. Just restart DBGL to test your changes.