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Postby JemyM » 2017-8-24 @ 05:52

I was experimenting with the archive mount feature and with the "ease of use" philosophy in mind I felt that the setup of archives could have been smoother. Preferably I would have prefer to just pick the Program File, Setup File, Archive file and let D-Fend figure out the rest. Also the current setup destroys savefiles and such if you whipe the folder, potentially other folders too (like if you have UltraSND). If D-Fend remembered the files the archive added only and kept everything added by a game safe it would be quite nice. By using some kind of "prioritize by date" feature, updated config files and save files could be prioritized.

To make it work I had to do the following;

1. Manually find, download, install and select Archiving program. I decided to use 7z.
2. Manually add ;RAR;ZIP to the "File extensions to handle" field.
3. Manually change "Commandline for extracting an archive file" to e "%1" -o"%2"* -y (note the "*", else it extracts the files directly into C:)
4. Set the Program and Setup file "relative to the DOSBox directory".
5. Manually open the archive and find the name of the game/setup file and manually add it with a DOS formatted folder imagined from the Archive name (Like C:\Leisur~1\SIERRA.COM)

I could in theory just use the game without subfolder, so that things are extracted into the virtual C:. My gutfeeling tells me things would be more compatible if it use subfolders instead.
Okay, now roll sanity.
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