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Re: D-Fend Reloaded (DOSBox frontend)

Postby pycur » 2017-2-03 @ 12:34

April 2016 was 10 months ago, less than a year. :) So the two year is a bit exaggeration.
And to say something about the D-fend:
I've found this awesome GUI for the dos games as you know, and it kinda reminds me the MAME32FX UI.
I also found a complete collection for the ScummVM games with a gui too, but I'm not interested in that right now.
The only thing is why I registered here, to ask, if anyone could make a status bar in the D-fend to count the games in the selected view, so I can imagine how many games I see on the current list. :) Like in the MAME UI on the right corner.
Because I decided to make the ultimate dos games all in one collection, and I would like to make it as precise as the mame.
Here's a pic how it looks like now:
http://ft.trillian.im/73c62d82741357a98 ... 5ZdZPT.jpg

There will be many genres, set by me. And I would like to see how many games are in each genre.
I found about 6270 games right now. And I assume I can make it by Christmas this year.
If anyone interested pm me, or send a mail to robotkuutya at gmail.com and I can send a game list. And you may contribute games that are not in the list. That would be good. I don't have a clue how many games exists, but I think I have a good 95% of them. They currently 20 gb in a rar. 37 gb uncompressed.
I hope I can make it, because dos games the only category, that don't have a "goodset" anywhere on the net.

Cheers! :)
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Re: D-Fend Reloaded (DOSBox frontend)

Postby Rackatack » 2017-4-06 @ 15:00


First I want to thank you for the amazing frontend, easy to use, and fun to have one place where you can have all your old games by the hand!
I may have a suggestion, it would be nice to have a noption to look in subfolders to import games.
Other than that, since a moment I have the program crashing for weird reasons and sometimes it fails to start.
I always have the same error in the event viewer, I tried to uninstall d-fend reloadend and reinstall (without keeping the folder in my home folder) and it seems to work for a moment and it crashes again.
does anyone have any clues?

This is what I see in the eventvwr:
Faulting application name: DFend.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x55ba2d26
Faulting module name: windows.storage.dll, version: 10.0.15063.0, time stamp: 0x8d3a92a0
Exception code: 0xc0000005
Fault offset: 0x001cf623
Faulting process id: 0x2f74
Faulting application start time: 0x01d2aee42b9a3635
Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\D-Fend Reloaded\DFend.exe
Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\System32\windows.storage.dll
Report Id: 2b69e9de-4ad5-4c90-a387-243522344660
Faulting package full name:
Faulting package-relative application ID:


C:\Program Files (x86)\D-Fend Reloaded\DFend.exe

Edit: problem solved by reinstalling windows / D-Fend reloaded
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Re: D-Fend Reloaded (DOSBox frontend)

Postby lukeman3000 » 2017-4-19 @ 02:55

SedrynTyros wrote:
lukeman3000 wrote:
SedrynTyros wrote:So, when you use OpenGL scaling it upscales the image using a nearest-neighbor algorithm, so you get a nice, crisp version of the original image versus what happens when an image is upscaled using a bilinear algorithm, where it ends up looking like you're viewing it through a glass of water; all blurry, hard to look at for more than a few minutes without getting a headache (so it amazes me that some people prefer it this way).

The problem is that ScummVM changed the way it handles the image scaling, at least in the current SVN builds I use. It used to be that all you had to do was set "openGL_nearest" in the filters option. But now they've split the functionality into two settings. You need to set "opengl" as the filter but you also need to set "vga" under the "render_mode" setting. D-Fend Reloaded 1.4.4 currently appends the render mode setting as "render-mode" to the commandline rather than, say, adding the line "render_mode=vga" under the [scummvm] heading in the ini file. If you right-click one of your scummvm games and choose to view the config file you can see how D-Fend lays it all out, and right now it's borked; adding "render-mode=whatever" to the commandline of scummvm does squat and that's all D-Fend is able to do currently, probably because that's how it worked in older scummvm versions.

As to your second question, there's a setting in D-Fend that allows you to point to where your ScummVM install is located. If you want you can store a folder named "ScummVM" within your D-Fend Reloaded folder and use relative paths so that it always knows to find it there.

I'm using ScummVM version I've played around with this a bit, and I think I've got it to work, at least with this build.

If you right-click the game, go to "ScummVM settings" and in the Custom settings box, add this:


It should work. I added updates_check=0 because every time I launched the game (after adding the other two parameters), it kept asking me about how often I wanted to update. I am not sure why it asks me in this scenario, versus when I have nothing in the Custom settings box. Though I might add, I got opengl_nearest to work without setting the render mode to VGA. I just let it stay as "default" and it seemed to work exactly the same. Is there any reason in particular why I shouldn't let render mode stay as default if it seems to work otherwise (when using opengl_nearest)?

In your opinion, is it preferable to play ScummVM games with the OpenGL (no filtering) option? Is that the only mode that gives you that crisp image that you're talking about?

Another question - when using opengl_nearest, is there any way to increase the size of the ScummVM window upon launch? I noticed that you can click and drag the window to make it whatever size you want, but I'd prefer to have it automatically be larger when I launch the game so I don't have to manually resize it and try to get it just right so black borders aren't showing.


Yeah, I tried that already; it no workie. Adding a 2nd [scummvm] header seems to void some of the settings in the default one. It may work on the ScummVM version you're using but I've never used; it must be before the changes to render_mode that are present in the current daily builds. "opengl_nearest" isn't a valid selection any longer in the current builds. It's now just "opengl" with the nearest-neighbor scaling being moved to render mode. I want to use the current builds because they have updated Munt emulation that was added in December. So I've just been running ScummVM outside of D-Fend Reloaded. The long term fix for this is for the D-Fend Reloaded developer to change the way it handles the render_mode variable.

I think there are other scaling methods that will deliver the same crisp image, like 2x or 3x scaling. I prefer OpenGL because it's more flexible than using the integer scaling methods; you can resize the window to be whatever size you want with OpenGL or go fullscreen and have the image scale to fill your monitor's viewing area.

There were a few different opengl options in the older builds and I think one of them may have automatically created a larger window ... but I can't remember. opengl_nearest is the one I decided to go with and if you alt-enter to fullscreen it'll maintain the correct aspect ratio while filling your screen. If you want to see what the other filter options are you can launch the ScummVM client and look at them there.

Hey - I was just thinking about this today because I was messing around with ScummVM and D-Fend reloaded. I downloaded ScummVM version 1.10.0 for the updated MUNT emulation and I'm pretty sure I got opengl working correctly (the picture is nice and crisp and not blurry).

To do this, right-click the game, go to ScummVM settings, and copy/paste this into the "Custom settings" box:


Let me know how it works. Also, as an aside, Full Throttle Remastered just released today on GOG and Steam.
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Re: D-Fend Reloaded (DOSBox frontend)

Postby SedrynTyros » 2017-4-19 @ 13:08

Hey, thanks! I'll try it out when I get the chance.
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Re: D-Fend Reloaded (DOSBox frontend)

Postby HunterZ » 2017-4-22 @ 16:16

Would it be possible to have D-Fend Reloaded show a column for the game installation path?
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