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Postby pycur » 2017-2-03 @ 12:34

April 2016 was 10 months ago, less than a year. :) So the two year is a bit exaggeration.
And to say something about the D-fend:
I've found this awesome GUI for the dos games as you know, and it kinda reminds me the MAME32FX UI.
I also found a complete collection for the ScummVM games with a gui too, but I'm not interested in that right now.
The only thing is why I registered here, to ask, if anyone could make a status bar in the D-fend to count the games in the selected view, so I can imagine how many games I see on the current list. :) Like in the MAME UI on the right corner.
Because I decided to make the ultimate dos games all in one collection, and I would like to make it as precise as the mame.
Here's a pic how it looks like now:
http://ft.trillian.im/73c62d82741357a98 ... 5ZdZPT.jpg

There will be many genres, set by me. And I would like to see how many games are in each genre.
I found about 6270 games right now. And I assume I can make it by Christmas this year.
If anyone interested pm me, or send a mail to robotkuutya at gmail.com and I can send a game list. And you may contribute games that are not in the list. That would be good. I don't have a clue how many games exists, but I think I have a good 95% of them. They currently 20 gb in a rar. 37 gb uncompressed.
I hope I can make it, because dos games the only category, that don't have a "goodset" anywhere on the net.

Cheers! :)
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