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I am running a rather old version of linux(RH9.0) and I am trying to make some "dos floppy bootdisks" in Dosbox. The program Im using to make the boot disks is called boot98.exe. I think it was made by someone called Dr. D or something. Well anyways, Im able to mount my floppy drive using the command

c:\mount -t floppy a /mnt/floppy

I can send files to and from the floppy to my mounted hard disk and I can delete files so I know with out a doubt that I have access to my floppy. The problem is when I use the bootdisk creating program inside of dosbox using the following command.

c:\ makedisk.bat

I get this output message:

Please put a 1.44 floppy disk in your A-drive now.
Press any key to continue.

I hit Enter and no writing to the floppy drive occurs. Is there anyway that I can correct this issue? I've searched pretty extensively and I haven't found anything that answers this paricular question. Also, If there isnt a way to correct this problem, do you have any suggestions for how I might be able to make a win98 bootable floppy disk that I can also have cdrom support given the fact that Im trying to do this inside the linux OS. Many thanks in advance.

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I guess the problem is that DOSBox do not support the kind of low-level I/O access that your program requires. It might work with DOSBox if you, instead of mounting the diskette with mount, mount an image using the imgmount and then later (under Linux) transfers the image to the diskette.

Or you could try booting a real MS-DOS inside DOSBox and see if the I/O support is available then.

Or skip DOSBox and use some other emulator/virtualizer.

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