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First, DOSBox is great. As 0.60 came out, I can now run practically every nostalgic game I used to play on the 286/386 platforms. Thank you for making this possible:).

I have just one little issue with the software: how does one choose a specific DirectSound device for audio output? I use DOSBox mainly on my notebook with Echo Indigo audio interface installed, and DOSBox defaults to that device with no problems.

However, sometimes I'd like to switch to the internal audio interface (a SoundMAX one) so that I could hear a game through the system's built-in speakers. Even if I change the default audio device to SoundMAX in the Windows XP audio settings, DOSBox still defaults to the Indigo. Restarting the system doesn't help; actually the only way to use the internal SoundMAX interface is to remove the Indigo and let DOSBox detect the desired interface after that.

I think I might have missed a sound setting somewhere?