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is there a way mount a local hdd directory as readonly?
I guess "-freesize 0" is not the same thing as readonly,right?

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"-freesize 0" will probably stop some things, but it probably won't stop everything. (I see no reason why it would stop a program from overwriting existing files, for instance.)

"-t cdrom" might do the trick, but your best solution might be to change the read-only attributes (or their security privileges) of the relevant files from within Windows.

What exactly are you trying to do?

Reply 3 of 3, by Joey_sw

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yeah the best is to use the ACL to set permission, if you're using NT
though setting the ACL is pita unlike the easiness on UNIX -rwx permission

to be noted that real DOS only aware of read-only drive for floppy & cd-rom,
so some program might behave wrongly if its expect a write-able drive but unable to write on it.