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Finaly, i got a working emulated Win95c with DaemonTools,3Dfx in SVN Daum DOSBox. Finaly? No, not really. Some Issues i cant fix by myself are still there.

1) I got two S3 Cards in Device Manager. One of them is with a !
2) I got really often a Problem after i restart or starting DOSBox first time sometimes:
While initializing device IOS:
Windows proteticion error. You need to restart your computer.

I tried some hints i read on the internet:

Rename the SMARTDRV.EXE file in the C:\Windows folder.
Rename the AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files.
Doesnt help<---

iosupd.exe<-- Execute it give me the info it was succesful.. well, it wasnt, cause the problem above is still there.

Well, would be nice, if someone could help me out with these two problems.

Thank You

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It appears that the "second adapter" problem is already being discussed in DOSBox-X branch .

This is bleeding-edge software and you should not expect things to work very well. If you want something reliable you should switch to VMware Player or even QEMU.

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IOSUPD.EXE fixed that GPF problem for me..
Check if you actually have the new ios.VXD version installed.

Note that there appears to be a different iosupd.exe that does something with rmm.pdr, which I know nothing about.
Use the one here: http://sobac.com/ZIPfiles/Operating%20Systems/Windows/win9x/