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Hey Fire,

Just read your guide. Seems you have gotten the problem with the \ (backslash) mixed upsidedown:

Q) I have a German, Spanish, or other non-English keyboard, and / doesn’t work in DOSBox.
A) Simply use the \ instead. Or, go to the Control Panel->Regional & Language Options->Language Tab and set the Keyboard to United States – International.

Forward slash (/) is not the problem, backslash (\) is.

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I have another quick question, I thought I'd ask here instead of making a new topic. Is there any way you guys can rehost the images I posted in the "Newbie's Pictorial Guide to DosBOX" or upload them as attachments instead of it going off of my website? My bandwidth is very limited and my host doesn't have a way to shut off the service when it goes over the limit so I wanted to be safe than sorry. I'm also probably going to not renew when my hosting ends next month, so I didn't want those images to disappear.


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DOSBox Author

yeah that is possible.
You can just add attachments or we can host the images as well.

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