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Hi Guys

If I set

Joysticktype=none, the joystick is not seen by the game anymore, however I would like to be able to map keyboard-keys to it. However if I open the mapper and try to add joystick-command this fails.

Any Idea if this can be done config wise?

I would like to have this option as my game "autodetects" a joystick, even though it does not fully support it, tries to use it and fails (only 4 buttons supported, but game requires 6!).
For this situation it would be nice to use the Joystick as a "Keyboard-extension" only but not showing it to the game. This way the game would not see a joystick, stick to "keyboard-only" but I could map keyboard-keys to the joystick on the host.

I know this can be done with joy2key but this is quite impractical as it cannot be loaded with a dosbox.conf.

Thank you