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Hi there,

I am trying to get an old Dos game (Gabriel Knight) to display in the following way:
- full screen window but...
- native resolution image of 640x480 in the center of the screen (so NO upscaling)

I want the image to show as it was originally without requiring me to play in a window (because of the distracting desktop behind it).
So I simply want a full black screen with a 640x480 play window in the center of it.

But the only thing I can manage so far is get a 640x480 image in the top left corner of the full screen window.

How can I get this image to appear in the center?

Thank you for the help!

Reply 1 of 3, by emendelson

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Try changing the output= setting in dosbox.conf to output=surface (if it's already =surface, try other options listed in the file.) If you don't how to find doxbox.conf, Google it or search the forum.

Reply 2 of 3, by PhilsComputerLab

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And there is also the graphics driver. If you got Nvidia or AMD, you can configure centered aspect ratio. Then just configure DOSBox to output at 640 x 480 full screen.

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