3X scale plugin not working (on some games)

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3X scale plugin not working (on some games)

Postby andwan0 » 2017-11-27 @ 23:12

I am currently using DOSBox Daum SVN variant (http://ykhwong.x-y.net/) it's got lots of patches/addons merged into the build. I like the pixelshader/scalar graphical addons. I also like to play in windowed mode.

By default, the pixelshader/scalar is Hardware 2X. I sometimes change this to Advanced Interpolation 3X.
plugins that 3X scale works for:
Chasm, Dark Forces, Cyclones, Betrayal at Krondor, Dragon Lore, Magic Carpet (low-res)

However, it doesn't work for:
Ultima Underworld, Alien Virus, Alien Incident, Theme Hospital (Hi-Res), Magic Carpet (hi-res)

My DOSBox config has:
Code: Select all

I guess those 2X, 3X scalars only work on low-res games?
If a game is already in hi-res, how can I increase the window size in window mode?
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Re: 3X scale plugin not working (on some games)

Postby Osprey » 2017-11-28 @ 20:40

Are you sure that your desktop resolution even allows for the resolutions to be tripled in both directions? If a game is in 640x480 ("hi-res") and you try to use a 3x scalar, you need a desktop resolution of at least 1920x1440 (640*3x480*3). In other words, if your desktop resolution is only 1920x1080, then you can't use a 3x scalar with those games. I think, in those cases, that DOSBox automatically goes down to a 2x scalar (or whatever will fit on your screen), but I'm not completely sure.

Theme Hospital and Magic Carpet, I'm pretty sure, run at 640x480 when in "hi-res" mode, Alien Virus appears to be 640x480, as well, and I seem to recall Alien Incident using the wonky 320x400, so it'd make sense for none of those to work with a 3x scalar if your desktop resolution is 1920x1080 or lower. The only one that's confusing is Ultima Underworld, which is most certainly a 320x200 game. Perhaps something else is going on there.
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Re: 3X scale plugin not working (on some games)

Postby Dominus » 2017-11-28 @ 20:57

You can force a scaler, either by writing forced before or after the scaler name, i forgot which :)
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