SVN/ECE - System requirements

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SVN/ECE - System requirements

Postby chickenpee » 2017-12-02 @ 17:29

Are there any specific system requirements for the SVN builds (ECE and non)? I just tried running both on my old Athlon XP. The ECE version crashed while the non-ECE version gave an incorrect configuration error.
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Re: SVN/ECE - System requirements

Postby DosFreak » 2017-12-02 @ 20:04

Most of the unofficial DOSBox builds you'll see are built with newer versions of Visual Studio so it's also possible that the optimizations they use SSE2 instructions by default.

Official DOSBox 0.74 works fine on Athlon XP and my builds in the DOSBox compilation thread should as well (still a work in progress).

Contact the dev who built those versions of DOSBox, send them the error and see if they can provide you a build without optimizations or with SSE2 disabled and see if that fixes it. This is very simple for them to do so shouldn't be a problem unless they don't want to bother with providing support for older CPUs.
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