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I know some games only support the pc speaker so that cant have much done. Most of my dos era knowledge comes from childhood so I dont want to use incorrect knowledge to get my stuff going.

Ad lib vs sound blaster : does it matter what setting i use for that? I know they'll be emulated but I'm not sure which is better, I think its sound blaster but I'm not 100% sure.

For midi game music stuff, would it be worth it to consider investing in an external midi device(mt-32 sc-55 etc)? Assuming the prices arent too crazy i havent checked the old hardware prices. Or should I just get VirtualMIDISynth and/or munt and call it good?

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Sound Blaster vs Adlib shouldn't matter as they are both OPL2, but Sound Blaster Pro as an option adds stereo sound and Sound Blaster 16 as an option adds 16-bit digital audio. Also DOSBox's OPL3 Emulation is good but not perfect, I would look into patching it with NukedOPL.

As for MIDI, you don't need a MIDI module for the best MIDI music in Dosbox. To the contrary, I think sound canvases are fairly overrated, there are many better MIDI modules available (XG modules, for example). Regardless, in a fairly modern PC just installing VirtualMIDISynth and using a balanced high quality soundfont like Musyng Kite (which is 1GB+ in size compared to the IIRC 4MB sample set of the SC-55) will yield vastly superior results for no investment.

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appiah4 is pretty much on the money. You can also emulate a Gravis Ultrasound in Dosbox which is good for many games and scene demos. As for what is best, it varies from game to game, depending on what devices they were composed for. Experiment and see what you like.

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