Serial Connection for Control-Application

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Serial Connection for Control-Application

Postby Dark Lam0r » 2018-11-03 @ 23:54

Hi Guys,

I´m actually having two control-applications that can be remote-controlled by a modem connection and they are build like this:

ControlApp <--RS232-Cable--> Modem <--analog line--> Modem <--RS232-Cable--> PC running DosBox (formerly native win 9x systems, but since w2k Dosbox is needed to run the program for the serial interface)

This worked lots of years but now the German Telekom forces all Clients to switch to VoIP and this makes a Modem Connection impossible.

Now I'll need to build the setup like this:

ControlApp <--NullModem-Cable--> PC running TCP-Serial Server <--VPN-Connection--> PC running Dosbox / Android running dosbox

First Problem:
I can't find any TCP-Serial Server for Windows (I'm bound to win because of other applications) that natively works with Dosbox's nullmodem feature. I've tested several programs with different results. Some of them did nothing, some showed up a connection in their own console, but did not work. On one of these two Applications it works with a double workarround by using TCPSerialBridge on both PCs and additionally Null Modem Emulator on the remote PC.
But this is too complicated to explain it to everyone who needs this access and I'd like to be able to use this mobile with my android, since there is one dosbox-distro that should be able to use the serial configs of original dosbox.

Second Problem:
The second of those two applications doesn't even work in this Configuration:
ControlApp <--Null Modem Cable--> PC running DOSBox
So I think this Application necesarilly needs a modem, because i could sniff it sends periodicly "AT &Fn" so it forces a modem to factory reset every short time.

Is there anyone out there, who can tell me a Serial-Server that natively works with dosbox's nullmodem-feature?
I was looking into the code of DosBox but I'm not good enough in coding to copy and paste the source codes to build a server-application that is able to share a COMport for the Nullmodem feature or even simulate a modem connection. Or is there anyone out there who can easily recombine the source to make it act like this?

Thanks for any help.
Dark Lam0r
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Re: Serial Connection for Control-Application

Postby leileilol » 2018-11-06 @ 02:55

by the way, DOSBox is not for running Windows 9x
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Re: Serial Connection for Control-Application

Postby Jo22 » 2018-11-06 @ 04:56

leileilol is right about that. DOSBox is meant for games, hobby use. No offense.
It would be dangerous to use it for anything else, since DOSBox takes shortcuts in emulation (as someone used to say here).
So it might be better using a special build of DOSBox that's maintained by someone else and who makes sure it
works as intended for a given purpose (to devs here, that isn't real "DOSBox", though, so don't ask for assistance).
Or even better, use a full PC emulator with a real copy of DOS. Or a virtual machine.
Best method would be to use a dedicated, era-correct PC for that purpose, I think. That being said, I'm just an user, as well.
Edit: There's also MS-DOS player. You may look into that, too, if your app is just requiring text-mode. It's very compact.
Edit: The people of MixW2 also have got a null modem driver for Windows NT x86..
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