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Hope I'm posting in the correct area. If not ... my apologies.

So I thought I'd try installing DOSBox on my MBP OSX 10.8.5 laptop to play some old DOS games that I have on floppy disks (Silent Service II & Pirates). I will need to purchase a USB external FDD. Does anyone having any suggestions on what FDD to purchase? Also ... anyone have any comments/suggestions re: installing/mounting the FDD from DOSBox? I've read where OSX 10.8 and above can corrupt floppy disks unless they are write protected (something about how Finder writes data to the floppy that corrupts the disks). I guess this wouldn't be a problem within DOSBox ... but would be within Finder only? Lastly ... I assume the these newer external 1.44 USB FDD's will read the older 720 floppy disks ... like they did back in the day? Any advice appreciated. Thank you.

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I tried this but the usb Floppy drives are garbage. And no way of knowing how it turns out. I did not get much or anything installed through that means.
With the usb floppy going to the garbage can I first got some games via an old PC and then got a Kryoflux (that's an usb device that you attach real old floppy drives) and got floppy images this way.

HOWEVER if you go the usb floppy route, convert the floppy contents into images roight away, do not go through the pain of installing through Dosbox. The installing is not the problem, it's just that you might not have more than one try to get it off the disk. But seriously do not use an usb floppy drive

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