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Anonymous wrote:

@JT, i figured out how to use the "keymapper". start dosbox, press ctrl + f1, klick on the ";" key with your mouse, klick "del", klick "add", press the "Ö"-key on your _real_ keyboard, save & exit. viola, it (shift + ö => : ) works! at least for me. :>

Yeps that's how it's used!!!
I tried to make that clear in the readme as well.

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Reply 21 of 34, by JT - Guest

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Thanks for your explanation. Funnily enough, now it works unlike when I wrote my first posting. Don't know what was wrong the first time I tried.

Well, nevertheless I would like to use the right key on my keyboard to get, say, a colon instead of pressing SHIFT+Ö. Remapping keys is no fun. Is this on the TODO agenda for one of the next releases?

Thanks all!

Reply 22 of 34, by mirekluza

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JT - Guest wrote:

Remapping keys is no fun.

You do it just once - it is saved to a file (mapper.txt). That's not so difficult. This solves those repeating question: how can I write \ ?
Now you have default English QWERTY keyboad and remapper - this is universal.
And I am sure some people, who will do it, will make their results public (it is just one text file).


Reply 24 of 34, by ike

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Hey, first - thanks for new version, great job 😀

Second - I'd like to ask what does it mean in dosbox.conf:


intelligent -- Operate in Intelligent mode.

Can someone explain what deas it exactly mean?

ps. Sorry for my english 😒

Reply 26 of 34, by JT - Guest

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Perhaps I was not clear enough: I don't use a QWERTY keyboard, I use a QWERTZ keyboard. In order to get a colon I have to press SHIFT+Ö, that is something I don't want. Just like everyone I want to press the ":"-key to get ":". That's not difficult to understand.

And by the way, qwerty keyboard layouts are not universal and will never be. There more countries in the world than the US.

And to answer the question "how can I write \ ?": naturally by pressing "\" on my keyboard and not some idiotic and obscure key combination thanks to allegedly predominant US layouts.

Reply 27 of 34, by Freddo

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I don't use a QWERTY keyboard, I use a QWERTZ keyboard. In order to get a colon I have to press SHIFT+Ö

Then use the keymapper. I had to write SHIFT+Ö too but not anymore, thanks to the keymapper. Listen to what they write instead of going out on some kind of anti-US crusade for the most tiny thing.

One thing I would suggest for the next release, though, is that when I press a key on my keyboard it would be highlighted on the virtual keyboard. Working with 2 layouts while remapping is kinda confusing 😀

Reply 29 of 34, by Guest

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Well, I have also the Keyboard Problem.
The Keymapper works, I can change y & z. But I can not put :, ö (or any umlauts). The Keys simply do not work at all in dosbox 0.62.
I use SuSE Linux 9.1 and a German Keyboard.
Does anyone have a mapper.txt ready? How do I change my keyboard to US Layout just for the dosbox session in the terminal?

Reply 30 of 34, by Crazy Kong

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I got problems with stuttering video and sound in the windows port of 0.62.

After trying out different settings i noticed that this can be fixed with the option output=overlay instead of output=surface in the section [sdl]. Somehow the option output=surface takes the whole emulation time in some graphic modes.

Reply 31 of 34, by VirtuaIceMan

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Before I install 0.62 a quick question for those who have:

Are .conf files from 0.61 compatible with 0.62? I run most games using .conf files then use a shortcut to DOSBox that references that .conf file so for example a shortcut to Fire & Forget might have a Target of: "C:\Program Files\DOSBox\dosbox.exe" C:\Games\firefor\fire.exe -conf slowest.conf -exit

Basically can I install 0.62 over 0.61 or should I delete/reset everything (remaking the .conf files using the old ones as reference)?



P.S. has anyone tried WipEout with 0.62 yet?

Reply 33 of 34, by Guest

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Basically can I install 0.62 over 0.61 or should I delete/reset everything (remaking the .conf files using the old ones as reference)?

It's better to install 0.62 to a new folder. You also have to remake the config files with the dosbox.conf of 0.62 as reference because ther are new emulation abilities (emulation of diferent sb types, tandy emulation). I sugest deleting the old config files after testing the specific game because ther are games wich work under 0.61 but not under 0.62

I got about 50 old dos games. Five of them won't work with dosbox at this time. Three work under 0.62 but not 0.62 and one works under 0.61 but not 0.62.

Reply 34 of 34, by SirDaShadow

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[quote]When i press Ctrl-F1 dosbox crushes(disappears). I can only enter mapper by -startmapper. This problem is caused by sdl.dll version (older versions of sdl work ok).[/qoute]

Just a thought, but do you have a keyboard macro/utility? I use Hoekey and had to turn it off because that's what happened when I press ctrl-f1. As soon as I did, everything was ok.