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When I do the following:

imgmount D "C:\RedneckRampageFamilyReunion01.cue" -t iso -fs iso

I get error: Image file not found.

The cue and bin exist in my mounted C drive!

What am I doing wrong?

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Reply 2 of 10, by dr_st

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I thought you needed to provide host pathnames, not mounted guest pathnames to IMGMOUNT. But maybe it works with both now?

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Reply 6 of 10, by Dominus

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Look inside the cue file (open it with a text editor) it might have a path to the bin in it. And yes, if the cue is in the folder you mounted as c:/ you need to shorten its name, and probably the name of the bin in real and in the cue file to 8 characters.

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Reply 8 of 10, by IIGS_User

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JessicaJones wrote:
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imgmount D "C:\RedneckRampageFamilyReunion01.cue" -t iso -fs iso

Disk images does not need to be in mounted drives.
This command implies the .cue & .bin files are located in your host C: directory.
Please try again, with replacing the "C:/...01.cue" part with the real path seen on your computer,
w/o mounting its folder within DOSBox.


Reply 10 of 10, by jmarsh

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junglemontana wrote:

Are there any special reasons to imgmount from a mounted drive instead of host directory?

Generally I find it's easier to keep the .iso+.cue in the same dir as the rest of the game's files and use a batch file to mount+run (and do anything else like set core/cycles) in one step.
Especially if it's on a network drive that might be mounted in different locations depending on which machine I'm using.