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I'm a long-time dosbox user but at a low level. I now want to set up on my wife's computer to have dosbox run an old time-and-billing program, so I want to save her from having to type the mount command, etc.
When dosbox starts, there's a Z: prompt. So I am unclear in what directory I would put a batch file that reads

mount c c:\[program directory]
cd \subdirectory (my program seems to require that I start in higher level and then change to the subdirectory it sits in - I don't know why)
program name

So that she could just then click on the doxbox icon and then, when it launches, type the name of this batch file.

Or if this doesn't work, some other way to make it easy for her to run this program.

Thank you very much.

Even better would be a batch file that would run dosbox and enter the commands above once it launches, but I would be happy with the first option.