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installed actual DOSBox (0.74-3) on a new W10x64-computer.
My very old DOS-Software is working so far. I was even successfull to get access to an external serial module over an USB-serial-Converter.

But the software needs to get access to a printer. It needs to print out on LPT1.
The host computer has no LPT1. There is only a USB-printer connected to the computer.
I already did some configuration on the host, that I can print out to LPT1 from the host:
- Shared the printer with the name 'dosprinter'
- and "net use LPT1 \\pc-name\dosprinter"

But how to route the LPT1 from DosBox to the host?
In the conf-file i only found a section for the configuration of the serial ports, but nothing for parallel ports 🙁

Any hints appreciated.

Reply 1 of 3, by JosSchaars

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First check if the printer accepts (DOS) ASCII data streams. Only a matrix or laser printer will. Inkjet printers generally are GDI only and won’t accept the text/data your program sends.

Then see if your program can be set to print to a file. If so, set the name to LPT1.

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DOSBox does not support non-gaming programs, and does not really support printing.

You want a DOSBox fork with printer support. In the past there was a "dosbox megabuild" and "dosbox daum", but those are no longer maintained.

Maintained DOSBox forks/derivatives with printing support
- DOSBox-X
- vDos
- vDos Plus.