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Hi all.

I have a problem with a DOS application running in DOSbox, hosted on Windows 7. I'm optimistic there's an easy answer as my googling has indicated as much, but the specifics have eluded me. It seems like I've tried every combination of settings, but cannot get it to work.

The problem is that I have an antebellum Clarion 2 database application that runs fine in DOSbox, save that it sometimes needs a Ctrl-Esc to navigate out of a data entry screen. On Windows, that key combo pops open the start menu, so my hoary application never sees it. I've found some discussion of this in this forum, and elsewhere, that's mixed in its expectations.

Nonetheless, persistent and seemingly credible sources suggest this can be done with DOSbox's key mapper. I have made varied attempts to capture and re-route Ctrl-Esc, but without any progress. Is it even possible? What am I doing wrong?

Thanks for your time.