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So basically, I have a CD of a game I want to install (SimCity 2K SE) and it comes on CD-ROM. I have a 520meg hard disk image mounted with Windows WFW* 3.11 on it. I want to mount the ISO in a way that when I boot Windows using:

boot -l c

MS-DOS, and by extension Windows, detect the CD-ROM and I can run the installer.

Edit: BTW, I am using DOSBox v. 0.74-3. Latest version as of this post.


*Windows for Workgroups

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As jmarsh mentioned, DOSBox does not support CD-ROMs once you boot an OS in DOSBox. This is due to missing IDE emulation.

If you need this function, have a look at DOSBox-X instead.

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Does SHSUCDHD work while DOSBox is running? You would have to copy the ISO to the hard drive image in order for that to work, of course.

I would expect the installer would work just fine if you copied it off the CD and on to the hard drive image.