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Good evening everyone !

I have a question regarding the DOSBox-X .conf file.

To mount a floppy & hard drive image the commands are:

imgmount 0 boot.img -t floppy -fs none
imgmount 2 win98.img -t hdd -size 512,63,64,520 -fs none

Is the

-fs none

parameter required or not ? If we don't put this parameter what does it change & does it work ?

Greetings !


Reply 1 of 4, by _Rob

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Assuming the disk image is formatted, or in the case of a HDD image is partitioned and formatted, you can simply mount it in DOSBox-X as

imgmount a boot.img
imgmount c win98.img

You can then boot the win98 boot disk

boot a:

There is no need for any of the other parameters, as it will all be autodetected.

Basically "-fs none" is needed to prevent DOSBox-X from trying to autodetect the filesystem type. Typically needed with not yet formatted disks. If you used the included "imgmake" command to create a floppy disk or HD image, it will normally be ready to mount. This is all documented on the DOSBox-X wiki, including a guide on installing Win98.