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From time to time, dosbox crashes, and I cant kill the process off. Where is the lockfile located so I can delete it?

Otherwise, I cant start another instance and I have to reboot.



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Lockfile? What, where? Windows, Linux? Why do you think there is a lock??

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I'm running version 0.63 (latest) on linux 2.6.8 kernel. When dosbox crashes, it dissapears from the screen, but I -think- the process is still in the process table, and I cannot kill it. And I cant run another instance. So I'm assuming there is a lockfile (common mechanism) stopping more that one instance executing.



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run a "ps -afux" in a console... If it's there, then kill it. if it doesn't die, kill -9 it... If that doesn't work, su and kill -9 it. If that doesn't work, rebooting may be your best option...